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Roulette is, without a doubt, one of the most popular casino games in the world. Maybe it's because of its simplicity. Or the thrill that comes with the ivory ball bouncing on the magical wheel of fortune. Either way, Roulette has proved to be the king of casino games.

There's always a crowd cheering away on the roulette wheel section in a land-based casino. And the online version in new casinos has never been more popular. For this and many more reasons, we have prepared a list of the best and newest online roulette casinos for your selection.

Play Roulette Today - Win Real Money
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Roulette at New Online Casinos: Everything You Need to Know

Are you looking for a fast-paced and exciting casino game? Look no further than online roulette. Here's everything you need to know before jumping in playing Roulette at new casino sites.

Most old online casinos are often the last ones to embrace new games. Maybe it's because they want other casinos to test the waters first. Or they are too busy entertaining their guests with what they have already.

New casinos, on the other hand, are willing to take risks with fresh content. They jump on emerging trends as they start, doing all the hard work of getting the new variant out there. So, you might want to look beyond your regular online casino if you're interested in playing the newest roulette games right now.

Beyond the European and American roulette variations, game developers have gone ahead to spice things up. For example, Evolution Gaming’s Lucky Star came up with the roulette variant without the wheel. The board on this game looks like a star, but the rules are similar to those of classic roulette.

Similarly, Playtech has Pinball Roulette that combines the famous ball game and roulette. The betting screen on this variation brings a pinball machine, which allows you to shoot a ball. If the ball lands on the lucky number, then you pocket a prize.

The Newest Technology in Roulette Online Casinos

The gambling industry has seen some serious tech shake-ups in the past couple of years. And the community is loving most of them. For instance, some new online casinos have already jumped on the concierge application trend. Think of them as a one-stop-shop for every little luxury service you could ever want. Players can make dinner reservations, buy tickets, and even win prizes playing roulette on the app.

There's also the virtual and augmented reality gaming trend that has taken the industry by storm. All the major providers are working on a project in this field. And the newest online casinos have already adopted this tech.

Discover European Roulette

There's a reason why European roulette is so popular. First, the house advantage is a measly 2.63%. That means players have a better chance of winning compared to American roulette. It has 36 divisions colored red and black, and one green slot marked 0, making a total of 37 slots.

The main goal here is to predict the slot in which the ball will land. The croupier asks players to place their bets on the board, spins the wheel on one side, and throws the ball in the opposite direction. After that, the respective players get paid, and the process starts again.

Meet American Roulette

American roulette is one of the few table games that enjoy popularity across the UK and Asia. And the main difference between this version and the European one is the number of divisions available. American roulette features 38 divisions, including numbers 1 to 36, 0 and 00.

Just like its European variant, the goal is to predict the winning slot. Players place their bets, and then the croupier spins the wheel in one direction and the ball in the other. Once the ball settles, winners get their prizes, and the game starts again.

Best Roulette Bonuses

Whether an RNG or live roulette, you're sure to get a bonus if you choose to play at one of our recommended new roulette casinos. Roulette bonuses are cost-efficient in that you get to spin the wheel with free funds offered by new casinos online.

Since roulette is a low-risk game, some casino bonuses may not be viable. For example, free spins are usually slot-oriented and hardly available for roulette. But if you follow our beginner and advanced tips, you can bring your gameplay to fruition using the following bonuses:

  • Sign-up bonus. Commonly regarded as a welcome / registration bonus, this is a promotion that new online roulette casinos provide. You can claim it as soon as you register an account with the new casino.
  • Reload bonus. Roulette casinos reward regular players with extra money by depositing additional funds into their bankrolls. This is known as a reload bonus. Though smaller than the sign-up bonus, you can still make the most of the reload bonus at the roulette table.
  • No deposit bonus. Anybody who has ever researched online casinos for more than five minutes has met the no deposit bonus. It is literally free money, designed for people who want to test the waters before going all in. Most new online casinos will have this as an option for first-time players on their site. And, with the bonus, players can play any game, including roulette. Most old style casinos will not let you withdraw the winnings gained while playing with a no deposit bonus. Others will set minimum and maximum bet.

How to Play Online Roulette

Playing roulette is simple. All you have to do is grasp all the betting options available, and that's it. For example, you can bet on red, black, even numbers or values between 1-18 and 19-36. However, players have to wait until the croupier asks them to place bets. Once this betting window closes, players cannot make any bets.

There is also a minimum and maximum stakes on most roulette games. And the idea is to make sure players cannot get into the game without exceeding the minimum bet. However, the maximum stake shows the highest you can go on a straight-up bet.

Roulette Basic Strategies

  • Martingale Roulette Strategy: This method involves betting on one color continually. But there's a twist. Players have to keep doubling the bet to recover their losses when they finally win. While this strategy might not always lead to profits, it is still worth a shot.
  • D'alembert Strategy: If doubling bets after a loss seems outrageous, this might be for you. The D'alembert strategy involves increasing or decreasing your chances with one. That means you'll have to increase the bet by one after a loss and reduce it by one after a win, which is safer than doubling.

Roulette Tips

Beginner tips for roulette are all about comprehending the game so you can enjoy it. Remember that the house will always have an advantage (house edge) over you. That said, you need to learn the basics to avoid making a gambling mistake. So, how does roulette work?

The roulette wheel comprises 37 (European style) or 38 compartments (American style): 18 red, 18 black, and 1 or 2 green compartments. The roulette ball revolves around the edge of the wheel. Then it settles in one of the compartments when the spinning stops. Your task as a player is to bet on where the ball comes to rest within. You'll win if you get it right, but you'll lose the wager if you're wrong. You may also bet on the exact ball number.

Before you start playing roulette at new casinos online, here's what you should know:

  • Know the math behind roulette.
  • The European roulette offers a higher chance of winning than the American roulette. If you choose European roulette, always bet with one single-zero.
  • Avoid inside bets (Street, single, basket, split, top-line, six-line, trio, and corner bets) if you plan to wager for a little while. They are more volatile.
  • Go for outside bets when playing for long: even/odd, red/black, high/low, snake, column, and dozen bets.
    Do not double your bets one after the other as in a Martingale strategy.
  • Set a wagering budget and adhere to it. Each bet shouldn't exceed 5% of your total bankroll.

Advanced Tips

Overall, roulette is fair because 97% of wagers are paid back. No matter the type of bet you place, how much you win or lose depends on pure luck. But it would help if you didn't bet on events with a low chance of winning.

You are more likely to lose if you bet on single numbers. Moreover, avoid betting on only one chip per round. At the same time do not cover half of the table with chips either.

Note that the roulette bowl doesn't know the previous position that the ball landed on. This means every spin is independent of the former outcomes.

While most gamblers tend to follow patterns, the roulette game doesn't have any patterns. So, a streak of seven consecutive blacks shouldn't be a surprise. Placing a number that hasn't occurred for long might not help. While you might win, it doesn't mean the probability is higher.

The one thing that stands, in the long run, is the power of numbers. The longer you play, the higher the likelihood of winning.

Do always gamble responsibly.

Roulette Odds

Assuming you're playing the European variation of roulette in a new casino online. There will be 36 numbered compartments and one zero compartment on the wheel. If you want to wager a straight-up bet on compartment number 15, it would be safe to say that the probability of winning is 1:37. To express this in terms of odds, you should convert it into a percentage:

  • The odds of winning for a straight-up bet in European roulette is equal to: 1/37 x 100 = 2.70%
  • This formula for calculating odds of winning the American roulette bets is as follows: 1/38 x 100 = 2.60%
  • What if you play with an even-money bet on red? The chances of winning on even-money bets are not equal. With 18 blacks, 18 reds, and one zero compartment, the odds of winning is: 18/37 x 100 = 48.64%
  • When it comes to corner bets, you'll be betting on numbers 7, 8, 10, or 11. Out of 37, you have four ways to win. So, the odds of winning will be 4/ 37 x 100 = 10.81%

Playing Roulette Online with Real Money

If you're looking to play roulette online in new casinos, you can choose either a real-money or a play-money casino. You must deposit funds on a real money site to place a bet that could win real cash. Both types of gambling have their own sets of merits and demerits.

Setting a budget with real-money bets is vital so you don't spend more than you can afford to lose. If you win cash prizes from roulette, you can use the amount to place more bets or cash out the winnings. While play-money roulette is fun, you will want to earn a payout from your bets. This is only possible if you switch to a real-money site.

The initial buy-in can be as little as $1 per spin. Search for a gaming experience that suits your budget in one of our recommended sites for online roulette.

Free Roulette Online

If you are new to casino gaming and online roulette, you might be wondering why a casino offers free roulette. The approach benefits both the player and the casino:

  • Free plays play a significant role in attracting punters, thereby increasing the awareness of the casino brand.
  • Free play is the best way to practice the roulette game without risking your money.

It is imperative to learn the roulette game before joining the league of experienced gamblers. Even the most seasoned roulette player started from the bottom.

Free roulette allows you to sample different new casinos online. In your search for the best new online casino, free play gives you firsthand experience before you can finally decide.

With free play, you can sample as many sites as you wish and pick one that suits you. In the process, you will better understand your strengths and weaknesses.

What is Roulette?

Roulette means a small wheel in French. It is a gambling game whereby players place bets on a table to correspond with the pockets on the wheel. It is played in virtually all new casinos online. Online roulette players enjoy the same gameplay as in a brick-and-mortar casino. It offers a sense of the original game without leaving your house.

In a new online casino, you will come across two categories of roulette: RNG (random number generator) roulette and live roulette. The RNG roulette is run by a computer program that picks sequences of numbers randomly. Winning and losing depend on the RNG and can't be manipulated by the online casino.

A live dealer controls live roulette. The tables and wheels are real, and you'll see real-time action throughout the game. Plenty of new online casinos provide live roulette because many gamblers prefer the dealer to be a real person.

History of Roulette

Roulette was supposedly invented by Blaise Pascal, a French mathematician, and popularized by Dominican monks. Another interesting story is derived from two ancient games: Portique and Hoca. The first mention of roulette appeared in 1716 in Bordeaux. After some wheel modifications, roulette attained its present structure in 1790. Since then, it has become a legendary game in European gambling houses and casinos.

Pascal's idea was not to create a casino game as he was trying to design a perpetual motion machine in 1655. This is a machine that operates without utilizing an external source of energy. Even though this doesn't agree with the laws of physics, Pascal wanted to defy all odds. His original experiment did not work, but it resulted in a popular new casino game today.

Interestingly, the roulette wheel did not have a zero until mid 19th century. But in 1842, two brothers and entrepreneurs, Francois and Lois Blanc added a single zero (0) and dedicated it to King Charles III of Monaco. The extra zero increased the house edge.

At that time, the kingdom was going through a financial crisis, and Charles saw the roulette game as a chance to generate revenue. He allowed the people of Monaco to play the game in the casino. Roulette became part of Monte Carlo's culture even though France had banned all forms of gambling.

Roulette found its way to the US in the 1800s. But this time, a double zero (00) was added to make the present-day American wheel.

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